Thursday, April 25, 2013

Of Investigators and Attempts to Meet Less Active Members

I must ask Elliott if he and his companion inadvertently invited a dead person to church activities(see #4 below). Hope this lovely season inspires you to live with a ready smile and a spring in your step. M

April 22, 2013

가족, 친구, fanclub members, devoted stalkers, and former 동반자

This last week has been SO DARN GOOD.

Let me qualify.  We still have no investigators (at least officially), and our days still compose of walking (a ton.  I may go for the Olympic Speed Walking Team in 3 years).  But what a week.  I've got four really sick things to report on!

1) We have a potential investigator who isn't an investigator yet because we weren't able to set up a specific return appointment with him.  Due to midterms.  He has a TON of English interest, but seemed alright with our 30/30 program (30 English, 30 Gospel in Korean). He's a college student - same age as me (big deal in South Korea. We're actually friends!).  Studies the equivalent of BioChemistry (and he takes 2 of his classes in straight English at his University.  He's a stud).  He called off an English Flyer (one of two we had permission to post last week).  I about cried of sheer happiness when he texted us.

2)  Another potential investigator.  We set up an appointment with him, but we didn't teach him anything when we met him on the street. Saturday at three.  Again, English interest, but I ain't going to complain.  It means that I'll be able to explain some stuff in English when I have no clue how to say it in Korean.  Boom.  He's also a college student, looking for a job.  Super nice.  Needless to say, when he wanted to meet, I about cried of happiness again (Last night... sunday was a wildly emotional day)

3)  We've been doing a ton of less active work recently (mostly updating the ward directory... something that hasn't been done for who knows how long), and have been finding some less actives.  One of the less actives we've been trying to work with was home (at least his less active sister was and his nonmember mother)... this was attempt number four at trying to contact him.  So, progress ^^ Never give up, right?

4)  And related to 3... we confirmed another address on our CMIS as a less active who lives at the address we had.  We only were able to meet with his older brother, who either told us that his younger brother was dead, or that he would give his younger brother our message (to give and to die are very similar in the past tesne.  just saying).  We'll be running by today to clear up any confusion I may have and to invite them to a few church activities.  All very exciting.

And about our talks yesterday.  I didn't deliver it exactly how I imagined (to be fair, our ward attendance yesterday was 93), but I said everything I wanted to say.  And I memorized the talk I gave. So, boom.  People said it was good.  I just need to apologize less. And one of the ward members offered me good council on what NOT to say while giving a talk (반말, 요).  Cool.  So, it was a good church meeting yesterday.  Sunday school was sick (I could go with the YSA yesterday. We've no investigators at church who stay for sunday school).  It was all about the law of consecration.  Interesting too, because Elder Benson and I have been studying the concept of consecrating ourselves unto the Lord.  So, I've been reviewing my notes.  ^^

It's been exciting to hear about going ons in life.  Whitney, the Korean spelling of your new-found favorite baseball player is 현진류 or 현진려.  I would opt for the first though.  I haven't seen any Koreans with 려 in their names... but I've seen 류 (In case you're curious).

Anyways, interjection over.

I love you all so much.  The church is true.  The temple is great - I haven't had an opportunity to go yet here (If I switch to Seoul South though...).  And the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I know that as we read it, we can find the answers to all of our problems!

Take care, and have a great week!

Elder Elliott Wedam

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