Monday, April 1, 2013

Powerful Words-"Treasure Up"

Slight posting delay due to SPRING BREAK.  Bright, happy daffodils welcomed us home!  Hope all kinds of good things are blooming in your corner of the vineyard. I will post Elliott's e-mail address on facebook. Give me a call or drop me a line if you don't use facebook and would like to e-mail Elder Wedam!

March 24, 2013
Hey family, friends, devoted stalkers, and fan club members,

Well, I realized that I informed all ya'll of the rule change, I forgot to include the second half... my email address.  It's (posted on facebook now).  Alright, that part is out of the way, let's boogie.

This last week was hard (to be fair, this entire transfer has been hard.  Primarily due to Elder Kim's back being out of whack for the last few transfers... and the language barrier killed me in week 1). All in all, the lack of being able to hit the streets as hard as I would have liked has sort of killed me.  You can only work in the Area book for so long each day... don't worry, I've been compensating via studying Preach My Gospel and reading the Book of Mormon (finished i  today ^^ starting the next round as soon as I can get my hands on another English edition.... oh district leader!)  Apart from all that, and the incredible inability to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE (I have to keep reminding myself  Mosiah 4:27 - it's not meet for a man to run faster than he has strength), I'm still fine.  Every day, every week, I understand just a little bit more (so much so that it's scary... half the time I have to ask myself, "Did I hear that correctly?" Look out Gospel Principles class, Elder Wedam is able to participate now). And, I get letters from some people I wasn't quite expecting.  To a certain friend/fanclub member, yes, you are miss fancy shmancy.  I fully expect you to be the owner of the Duck Store by 2014.  Speaking of 2014 (dearest family), Christmas in Hawaii would be a blast.  We could also find some native Koreans and I could go crazy with my newfound language skills ^^

Sounds like the trip to Phoenix was eventful - I must say, I'm super grateful that Heavenly Father does truly take care of family while missionaries are serving Him (as diligently as they can).  I'm glad that the trip has proven to be fun!  And Vera making shark noises made me crack up (we have a little boy in this ward who is about the same age as Vera and is a BALL OF ENERGY).  Anyways, I digress...

Other big news, next transfer information... I'll be co-senior with Elder Benson.  He's one transfer older than I am... it'll be a blast. I've got a whole new set of concerns about next transfer, but hey, I'll deal with it.  Things will come, and I'll learn, progress and grow.  PS, I'll still be in 신풍시.

Speaking of growing and progressing, I've got some cool things to report on from my personal studies.  Mostly, favorite words from the Book of Mormon.  Unfortunately, I don't have time to explain each one, but maybe in the coming weeks, that'll fuel my letters?

1) Treasure Up - There's a lot of instances in the Book of Mormon where we read, "Treasure up the words of life,"  "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven," and "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  I love the command to Treasure Up.

2) He remembered the great things the Lord had done for his fathers - The catch phrase of the Book of Ether (incidentally, my favorite part of the Book of Mormon).  When the Jaredite Kings remembered the great things the Lord had done for their fathers in crossing the great deep, they were righteous.  When they didn't remember, they were wicked.

3)  What will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up by the sea? - The question posed at the end of Ether 2.  Perhaps my favorite question in the ENTIRE Book of Mormon... a reminder that we need to plan and act to qualify for the Lord's help.  Speaking of which

4) For we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after we do all that we can do - In 2nd Nephi (25:27 or 27:25? dyslexia is a killer). See above

5) Behold that ye are created in my image.  Yea, even all men were created after my own image - Ether 3 (also in Genesis and Moses). Powerful words... especially when we consider what it means to be an image or type.  We all have a purpose in life that in some way will help bring to pass the salvation of God's children; it's a shadow of Christ's work in bringing to pass our salvation.

6) Has the day of miracles ceased? - Second favorite question in the Book of Mormon.  No, miracles have not ceased.  The day of miracles is still alive and well.  The Book of Mormon is proof of this.

Alright, those are the 6 that come to mind right off the top of my head (and I may have paraphrased... but I hope I gave you enough information to double check me).  They're powerful words and powerful messages ^^  I hope I have time to expound them in the future.

Lastly, great story for the week.  We managed to find 3 new investigators (I'd only count 1 of them as an investigator... but I think we're going to drop him.  Reasons coming next).  We were working out of the area book, and called this man.  He was super nice, but one REALLY big catch.  He's 다단개 (I think that's the right spelling).  He's
a pyramid marketer - like Cutco Knives or Pre-Paid Legal.  And he tries to sell us stuff... that we don't need.  And he calls all the time... whoops.  Oh well, sometimes it's bound to happen, right?

I love you all!  My time is up, but I loved hearing from all of you! I'm glad that family members are healthy, and incoming family members are healthy too!  Take care this week, and I'll write again next (by way of desire and of commandment.  Best way to do it, right?)

-Elder Elliott Wedam

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