Sunday, April 21, 2013

Working hard and loving it!

Week 2 of this, the 5th transfer.
April 8, 2013
What a crazy week, everyone.  What a week!

This has been a week of miracles.  Elder Benson (within 5 relations of President Ezra Taft Benson... I think I explained relations last week), is a great example.  He has a great motivation to work, and it's rubbing off on me.  PS.  I love tracting now.  I don't even care when I get rejected because I LOVE TALKING WITH PEOPLE (and only understanding half of what's said to me.  Sounds like a college class, right?)

This last week, I have seen some SUPER sick miracles.  No investigators still, but hey, that's aight.  As long as I fall into the habit of talking with everyone, I can't complain.  But, I have literally seen people's attitudes change in front of my eyes... whether it be asking for a referal (and seeing somebody evaluate what Christ means to them), or by asking somebody about their family (to which they want to hear more about the message of the Restored Gospel)... it's all a miracle.  Yeah, there were some nasties this last week, but I'm not offended by them in the slightest.  I actually love waking up, talking with people, and figuring out where to work the next day.  Booyah!

Oh, yesterday I bore my testimony at church.  IT was super simple (like four sentences long), but the words flowed out, and I could feel the Spirit helping me testify.  I'm realizing I don't need to be a fancy speaker to be an effective speaker.  I just need faith and to have a sincere desire to invite other people to learn about our church.

Yesh, missionary work is tough.  It's slightly discouraging.  But it's fun.  Speaking of which, best rejection story yet: I was getting off the bus and started talking with this man who was walking the same direction as us.  Here's the conversation, translated:

Me: "Is there somewhere you're going?"
Him:  "Yeah, but it's far away  Where are you going?"

*Break in the story.  At this point, I was super happy; people never really ask me where I'm going, and it makes it so much easier to have a conversation when they ask you a question.  Time in*

Me: "Yeah, Emart."
Him: "Oh, I don't know where that is, sorry I can't help you."
Me: "I know where it is, you just take a -"
Him:  "Anyways, have a nice day!  Good luck finding Emart!"

Yeah, not sure what just happened there.  I laughed.  It was funny. Really funny.  Sometimes, this white skin of mine is a curse when communicating... people just assume that I don't know what I'm actually saying.  It's made for the best conversations (albeit, one sided) yet.

I'm glad to hear about the travels up north and that the family is doing super well.  On all fronts.  Vera sounds cute.  I'll try to compete with Brian for favorite uncle.  While we're on this topic, is there anything you'd like from South Korea?  I'll try to hunt stuff down, but it may take some time, considering that Korea is a big place, and I only get 1 day a week to try and find  things.  Just sayin...

Aight, back to missionary theme.

I love being out here.  It's hard work staying spiritually uplifted and fed.  I'm having a whole new appreciation for scripture study and what it means to ponder the words of life.  I know the church is true. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know that it's the word of God.  God lives.  He loves us.  And He is absolutely in control, for the Earth truly is His footstool.

I love you all, and I say all these things, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.

-Elder Elliott Wedam

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