Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nephews, 구도자, and just good weeks

April 29, 2013
Family, friends, stalkers, etc.

This week has been super good!  3 new investigators, and a whole new outlook on how to work with people.  Super sorry that this general letter will be super short... I spent more time writing personal emails this week =/

I learned a lot this week.  I honestly am starting to learn how to play nice with other companions in the sand box... making sure that they and I are actively engaged in planning and working together. It's been a blow to my pride, but hey, I'm willingly giving it up, and I had enough pride to power a third world country (see 북한... they don't need it though).  All in all, I feel like I've been less easy to offend, and I think Elder Benson and I have been working much more in unity.  Last comp inventory was great... I really love comp inventory. It's the best time to boost your comp's confidence and self-worth. We had a really good one, and we opened up quite a bit.  I feel like I understand him a little bit better, and I realize that I myself am a little 부적해요.

But, hey, don't take that as a sign of me being depressed.  On the contrary, I feel much better.  I feel more like a person and less like a robot.  I love missionary work so much.  If anything, I love talking with people at the most awesome of times.  Cross walk, bus stop, bus seat.  I've got it on lock.  I've even pulled 180's on streets and been kicked out of apartments.  All because I want to talk to people about the gospel, and to get to know them better as a person.  It's fun.  I've met some of the coolest people, and I hope that I have a chance to see them again in the future (call me off our 명험... 재발요?)

I also enjoyed getting a letter from the YSA in Eugene.  That made my week!  It's so nice knowing that I now have an international fan club rooting for me to be successful.

Spiritual ponderment for the day:  I'm super stoked for final judgement... not just because of inheriting a degree of glory, but to also see how my life in mortality affected the lives of everyone I met.  I think that's the thing I'm most excited for.  anyways...

I love the gospel.  I love missionary work.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Read it, ponder it, ask God.  That's our invitation to everyone as missionaries.  As members of the church.  It's our proof of our message.  It's central to conversion to the gospel.  And knowing if the Book of Mormon is true is perhaps the single most important information you can possibly come to have, for if it's true, then it tells us what our eternal destiny can be.

I love you all, do well this week.  And until 7 days from now,
Elder Wedam

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