Monday, October 7, 2013

Summer is Dying Down... in Transfer 9

Here is a day by day miracle record from our favorite Elder!

August 26, 2013
Well, Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, and Girls,
It's officially the start of a new transfer.  We're hitting the ground running.  Miracles galore, and, well, some other cool things.
We'll start with the other cool things.  There was a stake priesthood meeting yesterday.  My brain was fried after it, and my understanding incredibly limitted.  But, considering I've been a missionary in the same stake since the start of the year (and maybe for the remainder thereof), I saw a lot of my members from 신풍.  Yeah.  I was super happy to seem them.  They were super shocked to see me (like in a good way).  And it was a really fun reunion.
Now, for the miracles.  Hold on, there's one every day.
Monday: Despite being held hostage (sort of... long story short, there's this one woman who may or may not have a few loose screws.  And she's not exactly harmless) at the church for two hours waiting for our member to talk with this lady, Elder Pruner and I tried to visit a less active member, who's never home.  Our member wasn't home, but on the way, this really nice woman talked to us.  She lived in Oklahoma for a bit, has family there, and wanted to know if we taught English (she's interested in reading and writing because she speaks and listens like a native).  It was a pleasant chat, and we got her phone number.
Tuesday: We get a text from our member 이태경 (Lee Tae Gyeong) who introduced Sean to us.  She's super stoked because he really likes learning about the gospel.  By the way, Sean is the best.  He's super, super awesome - he loves reading the Book of Mormon and about the Chruch's history.  And he's real, completely honest, sincere, and genuine.
Wednesday: We have our English class, and our investigator 김정하 (Kim Jeong Ha) comes out.  Turns out, she's interested to know if Heaven exists.  Also, 이태경 comes, catches a ride home with Dennis (he's been coming out to English class for a bit).  We get a call from her that night telling us that Dennis is interested in learning more about the church and really wants to make some LDS friends because they live a similar lifestyle to what he lives.
Thursday: We meet with Aeri (or referal from 조혜경).  We have a good lesson with her and encourage her to read the Book of Mormon each day, just a little bit.  She's super receptive to it.
Friday:  We get a call from 김정하.  She wants to meet and study English together.  We've already explained the 30/30 program to her, so we're stoked.
Saturday:  We meet with 김정하 and teach her that we can only learn of spiritual truths through prayer... and we do so by teaching about the Restoration.  Our member 신새게 (Shin Sae Ge) talks with her a bit more, and turns out that she is interested in baptism.  And she likes church.  And she likes us.  신새게 invites her to come to church, and she accepts.
Sunday:  Sean and 김정하 come to church.  Both of them expressed desire to be baptized.  Sean will be getting back to us this week about when he can, and 김정하 tenatively sets up a September 22.  But, there's a little bit more to her side of things.
Our recent convert (박재희... Angela) is just an angel.  She started talking with 김정하 after 김정하 expressed some desire in baptism.  Elder Pruner and I walk in on the conversation halfway through, Elder Atkin looks completely dumbfounded.  And my jaw drops after listening for a little bit (at this point, 김정하 is really interested).  Angela turns to me and asks me to explain baptism a little bit more to 김정하, and I do.  Afterwards, we leave the chuch together, and 김정하 starts talking with some other members who are still in the parking lot about baptism.  Elder Pruner and I have to leave soon, but it was a good discussion.  They invited her to pray and promised that she would get an answer.... so follow-up this week.  I was super happy ^^
That may have been a bit long-winded, but needless to say, it's been a busy week.  I was dead tired after the priesthood meeting.  I've never slept so good before in my life.  And, seems like we'll be busy this week too.  I'm not sure what happened this last week, but I'm glad it happened.  It's been a really productive, wonderful week, and well, miracles are SO awesome to see.  The day of miracles truly hasn't ceased.
I love this missionary experience.  It's been the single most insightful experiences of my life.  I love the opportunities to learn and grow, and for the chance I have to help other people... missionary, member, and nonmember alike.  Everyday, I understand so much more about my potential as a son of God, and everyday, I can feel that my capacity to love, serve, and function grow.  I'm far from perfect, but I'm fine with that.  I'm happy to labor diligently and trust in God to make my weak things strong.  I'm grateful for all the revelation I've received thus far, and I'm grateful for all the lessons I've learned.
God lives.  I'm grateful to know that He is mindful of me, my friends, and my family.  Until next week,
Elder Wedam

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