Monday, October 7, 2013

Another week. another discovery. Some baffling. (clue to weight loss)

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September 16, 2013

The first of which is that I can't gain weight worth anything.  I eat way more than I have in the past, but nothing sticks.  I'm at a record low of 70 kg... which is like, 163 lbs?  It's all this walking, thinking, and learning in another language.  Plus, they don't really eat a ton of sugary food over here.  I highly recommend going Korean if you want to lose weight (살 빠지려면 한식 먹어 봐)... so, yeah, my only plan is to eat more.  And try putting on some muscle again.  Situps have gotten really hard as of late.  I'm embarassed to say... muscular atrophy for the win? 
We've seen a lot of cool things this last week.  Really, the coolest is that 김정하 (Kim Jeong Ha) really likes coming to church.  And we had a really good lesson with her yesterday (with the help of our ward mission leader).  We're hoping that she'll accept a baptismal date on September 29th... so praying hard and hoping hard and working hard.  That's the plan.
Another really cool thing is that yesterday I ran into somebody who I met a few odd 12 weeks back.  He remembered me and we had a good talk.  I'll be inviting him to come to a few activities in the coming weeks.  His name is 허건 and well, he seems really nice.  I'll keep you posted on what happens.
I love serving in this area.  I love 평택 so much.  I love 수원 stake too.  I love all the friends and people I've met here in the ward.  A few weeks ago, I heard one missionary say one of the best parts of being a missionary is making friends with all the ward members and getting a really good relationship with them.  It's totally true.  The ward members who I know and have a 친한 사이  with I love.  I told Alisa this, but like it's worth mentioning again.  It's perhaps my favorite part of Korean culture.  It's just how willing people are to adopt you after you have some relationship with them.  A lot of our ward members here feel like family, as do members up in 신풍... and 광주.  And our investigators feel the same way too.  Yes, it's good to be a missionary in Korea.  The relationships here aren't just for a transfer or two.  They're for life.
I love being a missionary.  I love talking, teaching, relationship building, problem-solving, and just being able to tell people "yeah.  I'm a missionary.  Part of my job description is making friends.  For life.  Wanna be mine?"  Dorky outlook, but hey, I'm happy with it.
I still love scripture study.  Moroni 10 made a huge impression on me this last week.  Especially verses 7, 25, and 26.  25 and 26 talk about how people who do good do good by the gifts and power of God.  It's mandatory.  Verse 7 talks about how God works by power.  I can't begin to tell you just how true that is.  When I say that my greatest strength is just existing, I'm not kidding.  Really, God is working here.  I just open my mouth and smile.  And follow impressions.  But he works by power, whether by grand displays or tender mercies, it's all the same power.
A little more background too... one of our investigators is going through a really rough time.  She's injured emotionally, and because of it, she's sick physically.  I can't begin to tell you how bad I want the gift of healing.  Not just for healing physical ailments, but I want the gift of being able to bring people to the one source who can heal them spritually... to be able to testify of truths that are the source of lasting happiness and peace.  Spiritual gifts come by faith, as does spritual power, and well, I hope I'm able to overcome what doubt I have.  And we're not talking like doubt in God, but doubts about myself.
But I've also learned that I don't have a lot of time to doubt and work.  I don't have the energy to focus on stuff other than doing what I'm called to do
I love you!
Elder Wedam

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