Saturday, May 11, 2013

The miracle spiggot just won't shut off. Perhaps it sprung a leak?

I guess he's "ready for it."  He sounds thrilled.  Hope all the moms out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!  Love to all. M

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This last week was, well, interesting.  Hindsight, a lot happened. But it happened fast.  Last wednesday feels like 3 weeks ago.  But wow.  What a week.

We found 5 new investigators this week.  All of them college students. All English interest.  All of them found from one of two English Fliers we placed up on a campus in our area 2 weeks ago.  Oh, and 3 of them are referals.  All of them are comfortable with hearing the message of the restored gospel, and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS.  The week sort of progressed like this...

Monday: P-Day.  We were on a high of finding 3 people the week before and having an appointment set up on Wednesday to meet with a new investigator. Oh and we also met with another investigator and had a sick lesson with him.  Then, we got a phone call from an unknown number.  This person wanted to meet us at his universtiy campus.  His English name is Bobby.

Tuesday:  We go to campus and meet Bobby.  He brings a friend, we'll romanize it as Gun).  They're totally cool with meeting us again and hearing the message of the restored gospel.  They want to meet again on Thursday.  At the Church.

Wednesday:  We head out to campus to meet our potential new investigator (Hoon).  He brings two friends (Tek and Lee).  They're super funny and still not opposed to hearing our message.  They set up an appointment to meet with us next wednesday on campus.

Thursday:  We meet Bobby.  Gun has a cold, so he couldn't make it.  We teach him a little about the Book of Mormon, and Bobby wants to meet with us again on Tuesday.  A little later, we meet with a former investigator (Sang), whom I've never met before.  We couldn't call him a new investigator (no specific return appointment, but wants to meet again for sure), but he feels pretty golden.  We get another phone call from an unknown number, and another universtiy student wants to meet with us (Min), and he wants to bring a friend (Hyun).  They want to meet on Monday (today).  Sick

Saturday:  We contacted another former investigator... who dropped us (I was really sad... but I'm glad we met with him).  We then met with one of the investigators from last week (Hae).  She's the nicest lady... and her husband (Tae) is super nice too.  They hit a bit of a rough patch (he had a brain hemorrage - a long time ago - and is still recovering).  We meet Tae's family, who are really nice too.

So, what this amounts too... we now have a pool of 8 investigators with potential for 3 more this week.  What I've learned.  This is God's work.  He'll lead His prepared children to His servants when His servants are ready for it.  I've learned so much this transfer - and I love missionary work so much.  It's by far the hardest work I've done, but it's SO FUN!!!!  There are days when I can just feel the Holy Ghost so strong - the best way I can describe it is just a feeling of strength and "I'm going at the speed God wants me to... yes, I've a long ways to go, but my goodness, I've hiked a long way up the mountain already"

The church is true.  I've been focussing more on studying the prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon.  I must say, my incredible lack of knowledge of all three is rather remarkable.  But I'm learning a lot.  There are some sick prophecies fulfilled in the first 2 chapters of Matthew that are, in fact, about Christ and events pertaining to His life.  It's been super fun!

I'm learning more and more about how to work in unison with my companion - and how to play nice with other kids in the sandbox.  It's been a real test in patience, humility, and charity, but wow, what a test.  I'm definitely not perfect, but I'm loving the journey.  Every step.

One thing that really impressed me this last week was something I found in Gospel Principles... chapter 18.  Faith.  There's a quote by President Spencer W. Kimball.... it's about the relationship between faith and works.  We want the blessings of health and strength, but sometimes we aren't always willing to keep the laws of health.  We want prosperity and success, but we aren't always willing to pay our tithes.  We want safety, peace, and hope, but we aren't always willing to keep all of God's commandments.  In short, if we aren't willing to work, our faith amounts to day dreaming.  If I want to be more charitable, I need to be more service oriented.  It's exciting no?

Anhyways, I love you!  I hope this week is great!  I'll talk to you in t-minus 6 days!

Elder Elliott Wedam

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