Sunday, July 14, 2013

God is in Control

Although Elliott has been assigned to serve in the newly formed Seoul South Mission,  I don't have the new address at my fingertips.  Hang on for that information. Thanks for your patience.

June 23, 2013
Well folks, we're fast approaching the year mark.  The end of this transfer, and I'll basically be there.  Time flies fast, doesn't it?
This last week.  So hard.  By far, the most emotionally demanding week thus far.  A beloved missonary transfering out of the area (Elder Erekson), being dropped by an investigator (Mrs. Taylor), and having to drop three absurdly adorable kids (the kids I told Whitney about).... on top of really unfortunate events that left me a little lacking in MSF funds, being told I'm terrible at Korean (that was the icing on the cake).
Nevertheless, we've seen some miracles.  In the form of Rodrigue, 박기철, and a plethora of street lessons.  Yes, Rodrigue came out to church again yesterday.  He loved it.  We have to teach him really slow - English is his second language.  But he likes meeting with us.  We're working on tracking down an elusive copy of the book of Mormon in French.  But I'm super stoked.  I love him to death.  Then 박기철 (Bak Gi Cheol).  He's awesome.  He works at an international trading company.  Wants to learn about the Book of Mormon (although, he's not interested in baptism..... yet).  And yeah, he likes us.  And speaks to us in very fast Korean (albeit, simple Korean).  Yep, it was a confidence booster when I could understand him near perfectly (and by me, I mean I was blessed to hear and listen as well as I did.)  So, our teaching pool has shrunk to 2.  But we have 2 people with good potential.  As really exciting things happen, I'll update you ^^
As far as the new mission goes... I only know boundaries and who's going from my mission.  If you want boundaries, look at the Seoul West Mission.... it's a super small area, completely serviced by a subway system.  But, I may be able to go to the temple every other month.  Which would be terribly exciting.  And maybe scope out a college I can study abroad at (courtesy of UO study abroad... but that will be later).  And, I know who's coming from the Daejeon mission.  It's a good group.  I'm sad to leave some people behind, but alas, I have all eternity with them.
Good to hear that Aunt Jerri's arm is doing better.  I was thrown off a bit last week with that.  Quite a bit.  But that's good.  Please, when you find the alleged high heels, send a pic ^^
I guess what it all kind of comes down to is that I'm super thrilled to hear that things are going great at home, that everything is really all right.
I love you all.  I love studying the scriptures.  I love pondering them.  I love the insights learn.  2nd Nephi 25:23 is especially good.  I know that God will grant unto us our righteous desires!  Be faithful, and have hope.  God is in control, and He does nothing save it be out of His wisdom.
Sorry about the lameity of this letter, but I gots to get going.  Better Content Next Week!

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