Tuesday, June 18, 2013

And the Fifth Week Begins

We grow and we change.  That these changes stem from love based on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ makes this letter so happy. Have a great day!

June 10, 2013

Sup Everyone?
This last week has been super great.  Barring some weird stresses from emailing today and trying to help Elder Lion get a haircut he would be happy with (my Korean has come a long way from just saying hello.  I can actually make conversation.  Qualifying that.  I can make conversation when God feels I will make it). 
We've seen miracles abound this week.  Really, there's something to be said about doing all you can to share the gospel.  Basically, we picked up this new investigator.  Her name is Mrs.  Taylor.  The senior couple in the area found her (Elder and Sister Riding), and we are helping them with her.  She's a Korean Widow, married to an American Serviceman.  Lived in Florida for a bit.  And speaks English with a Floridan accent.  All in all, I feel like I have a grandmother from the south.  Holy cow, she's the nicest lady.  Super happy to have company over, and just so giving.  I'm super happy ^^
Another miracle this week came in the form of a street contact.  A super awesome street contact.  Before I continue, Thank you mom and dad for signing me up for tae kwon do and for helping me see it through til the second degree black belt. We met this really awesome kid named 명현호 (Myeong Hyeon Ho).  He lives in a farming community (yes, my area is pretty rural for korea), and he does tae  kwon do.  Not just does it, but he works part time at the Kukkiwon (if you see Master Church in the near future, he may be able to tell you more about it).  But, from what my understanding is, it's the headquarters for the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).  Needless to say, we hit it off pretty well.  He's in high school, and just super busy right now.  But he liked us, wanted to learn English, and really wanted to help us with Korean.  And he was shocked that I've only been in Korea for 7 months.
Enough about me though.  He's just awesome.  Super awesome.
Anyways, that was pretty exciting.
This week also has been one of great personal reflection.  In my continual study of charity (a really awesome topic for study), it's ironically been crucial to really understand how the mission experience and gospel has changed me.  And I've come up with this list:
1)  I pay more attention when I read the scriptures.  There are some really cool phrasings in their that are super memorable.  Alma 36:17 (I think).  It says "Jesus Christ, a Son of God".... not "Jesus Christ, the Son of God".  A really neat phrasing that teaches a lot about our relationship with God.  I'd explain more, but I'm low on time (email is stressful in public areas... some Korean men are just not overly patient with American kids learning Korean... he said recognizing the irony in the statement)
2)  I rely more on God than I ever have.  This is God's work.  He is in control.  As I'm faithful, He'll bless me.  Really, I'm beginning to understand the phrase "Man is nothing".  Everyday having the confidence that the ruler of the universe has your back has been one HUGE blessing.
3) I can openly admit I'm not perfect.  I never was.  Nor will I pretend to be.  I am comfortable with this not being perfect thing.  In fact, I'm fine with having weakness for the very fact that I CAN IMPROVE.  With God, all things are possible.  He created the entire universe.  What's a language and culture barrier to that?
4) I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a language that I wanted to learn for a long time.  This one was more of a side note than anything.
The church is true.  I'm still super happy.  Still doing super great.  I'm beginning to feel like all the talents that I've been blessed with are coming into full use.  It's been a blast.  It's been hard.  It's ust been a good experience.
I love you all!
Elder Elliott Wedam

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