Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 3, Transfer 3, Heartbreaks and Pick-Me-Ups

 Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  I will post a few more next week. M.  

August 7, 2012 visiting a few sites with family
members just before reporting to the MTC
P-day in Gwanju  

December 2012, Baby it's cold outside
February 4, 2013

Well, this week should prove a much better letter than last week. Really, having two grumpy old Korean men telling you to hurry up really ups the pressure on writing quickly.  Like 10-fold.  But, first things first...

This last week was a little rough.  First in-field drop.  Yesterday. Heartbreaking, really.  It makes it really hard when you really started to like somebody after the first meeting and they reject the message, hard... especially when you know that the message is an integral part of your identity.  It was a blow... a real blow.

But, there were some other really neat things this last week.  이청용 is awesome.  Last week, he said that he can already feel a difference in his life after meeting with us - his relationship with his mom is better than it was and he describes his feeling as he reads the Book of Mormon as "interesting," and saying that reading it is becoming easier and easier.  He's so good, and so nice.  I think the thing that makes me the happiest is that he's giving us a chance to explain the doctrines of the Restored Gospel.  And he's giving it a fair shot; he reads the Book of Mormon and asks questions.  He's so cool - a miracle in every sense of the word.  Side note, he met with missionaries 6 years ago, but he wasn't interested then.  The missionaries he met 6 years ago started a miracle, and I'm happy to continue it for them.  That in itself helped with the heartbreak yesterday - maybe Elder Miller and I started something that another companionship can finish.

Other difficult things - as always, the language, but hey, it'll come with time.  There are some days that I can't understand a word, and other days where I understand exactly what I need and then some. Learning this language has been probably one of the most instructive ordeals of my life.  It's not just another language I'm learning, it's really a crash course in learning how to learn and grow.  It's been a test in trusting in the Lord and that He didn't send me to South Korea to fail (the most discouraging thing I've heard this last week is that the Church in South Korea is coming to a bit of a standstill).  I'm convinced that there's somebody here who is waiting to be found, though.  I'm absolutely sure of it.  There's just some weeks I'm more sure of it than others.

Other observations... I hate alley cats.  They give all cats a bad name.  I'm pretty sure they use them for zombie sounds in movies. I've woken up early in the morning to the sound of Baron's displeased kindred being obnoxiously loud.  Boo.

I love you all so much!  Take care, be safe.  Study diligently, and I'll get back to you in a week ).  I'm also happy to field any questions people may have too!

-Love, Elder Wedam

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