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Elder Wedam titled this post himself.  This letter was sent October 2, 2012.  When I reflect back on the length of Elliott's fourth grade (maybe it was fifth or sixth) report on South Korea, I get a little chuckle as I picture him transcribing all of his notes. Hint-the report was woefully short.  

Hello everyone; friends, family, compelete strangers showing interest in my life....

This week has been incredibly weird.  It went by super fast, but I had probably two of the longest days ever - yesterday and last Wednesday.  Part of it is that I'm super tired all the time (I'm going to bed at 10:30 and waking up at 6:30... long story short, the other companionship in the room wakes up at 5:30 every morning, and I can't get back to sleep.  Super unfortunate, but only 3 weeks left of the madness.  Maybe).  Other than that, everything has been great.
Quick related story, has a really happy ending despite the beginning
Last Wednesday was super long for one reason - I lost my original study journal.  I was super sad; I had some really good notes in it, like the notes from when Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve came (and at the same time, I was super glad I sent a letter home talking exclusively about that talk).  The next day, I purchased a new study journal, and made it more organized than the first (I <3 binders for study journals now.  So much nicer and easier to organize).  That was a nice consolation.
Here's where the story gets good.  Actually, here's where the story takes a turn for the awesome.  Our new district leader, Elder Paskett, found my old study journal in the lost and found while he was picking up mail.  He brought it back to me Thursday afternoon.  I was super stoked (One day, you'll find out why. Probably after the mission, maybe before if I decide I need to send home some notes).  So, the next day, I resolved to transfer the notes from my old study journal over to the new one.  This proved to be quite the trick considering my notes weren't super organized before (right now, I'm working on transcribing the notes from August 12th... I have a whole new appreciation for Moroni now).  But as I was transcribing my notes, I've been able to see how much I've already grown in the last 8 weeks. It's been really neat to see which questions I had when I first arrived at the MTC seem relatively minor now than they did then, and it's been incredible to see how some of my questions have been answered.  For instance, my outlook on scripture study has completely changed (another story later to illustrate this fact.  I realize my story telling skills are a little off right now), my appreciation for notes and my study journal has changed, and I realize just how important it is to chronicle and review what I learn.  Really, I've come to appreciate and utilize my study time much more effectively since being dropped by our investigator two weeks ago.
Next story, talking about study time.
Yesterday was a long day for a few reasons.  Me being tired wasn't the only one.  Our zone was asked to host senior missionaries yesterday (another story pertaining to this).  We wound up missing not only gym time, but our personal study time (an unfortunate fact that I'm not happy about in the slightest).  I could totally feel not having personal study time.  Like, it was really hard to feel the Spirit during the course of the day.. I felt spiritually starved.  I didn't realize how important personal study time was for me until then.  In short, I really love personal study time.  It's been a really good chance to learn and develop my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
So, quick story about hosting senior missionaries yesterday.  Elder Bowman, Elder Bennett (he's from St. George, serving in Seoul.  He's a really neat person: Hard-working, Super optimistic, and just a good example all-around), and I hosted a couple from Wyoming.  Neither husband nor wife served a mission before.  The wife expressed that she was super nervous.  It was interesting to see that even we 19, 20, and 21 year olds aren't the only ones coming to the MTC super anxious.  And it's been interesting to see just how much more confidence and trust I have in the Lord than I did on week 1.  Really, the more I study, the more faith I have in Christ, and the more I realize that I'll be able to make it the next two years only if I trust in Him.
By the way, if you want a really good scripture to read this week, go with Ether 12:4.  This might be my new favorite scripture.  I'm working on memorizing it (another story in my letter home) 
The more I write, the more stories I have about this last week.  Most of them pertaining to things that I've learned and remember (it's the new and improved note-taking skills).  In other words, I"ll be sending home an epic letter today.  BTW, I hope you got the package I sent.
And, on a related note, thank-you for all the letters.  I love you all so much!
-Elder Wedam

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