Sunday, March 17, 2013

Transfer 4, Week !

Elder Wedam titled this e-mail "Of Canker Sores and New Companions." I am not sure why.  It is apparent that he has been reading his mail from home & family, though! I learned a few things about our family from Elliott's letter. Ha!

March 4, 2013

Hey Family, I apologize for the lateness of this letter... to be fair, we had a zone-ish activity today.  Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.  It was fun, I got to see Elder Anderson again today. 

I enjoyed the emails this week.  Whitney,  I enjoyed your advice on the little things of missionary work.  I'll admit, I love planning right now.  The days when we had a plan and stuck to it were the most productive... and the days when I actually have set language goals and tasks/ study goals and tasks are the most productive study days (my study programs have experienced a slight hiccup... I blame transfer week.  It'll pick up in a bit).  Oh yeah, and super good work on reading through Les Miserables (and you'd be interested to know that the English Studies are paying off big here in South Korea.  A lot of our investigators have read translated works written by big name English authors... like the Great Gatsby and The Crucible).  And Terry, campouts and mutual are pretty legit.  I never realized how awesome scouts was.  The Young Men's President and I were talking (in English.  He's fluent.... served in Anaheim.  Elder Harvey, sounds like you are going to have some pretty sick connections from the mission field), and he said that the whole point of mutual is to get some growth in the youth.... Scouts definitely helped with that.  Yeah, I can honestly say that BSA is a pretty legit program.  And I'm super happy to hear about the bread snobbery.  Good bread is good.  I've had homemade bread once while in South Korea... it was good.

Alisa, sounds like you're having a good time in Klamath... celebrating birthdays, bearing testimonies, and reading with Vera.   BTW, I think I can get pictures via email, I haven't read anything in the white handbook or the mission rulebook that says otherwise.  If I find something, I'll let you know (so send me pictures of das ultrasound, please).  

Mom and dad, curling sounds like a blast.  I enjoyed hearing of the escapades of moving said stone without toppling over.  And mom, there's no way I would have placed in the YSA bake-off; I'm out of practice on baking.  I've only recently started cooking meals again (and mom, thanks for teaching my how to cook creatively.  I can honestly say that meals have had infinitely more variety - and my Korean has improved by asking Elder 김일수 to do certain tasks in the kitchen.  Oh, fun fact, I'll be trying my hand at 김치지깨 this week).  Dad, I take it the State of the Union address was a little doom and gloom?  As long as there weren't any forecasts of nuclear war, I'm totally cool with it.  If there were, missionary attire may very well become HazMat suits, and an umbrella (why?  to keep the rain off and preserve the HazMat suit.  See, already thinking one step ahead =P).

And before I forget... I haven't received said package this past week.  It'll come though.  It'll come.  I hope.  I'll thank you all in advance for the gifts that you sent.  And you'll all get a thank-you letter at some point.  Maybe not for another month or two, but it'll come.  Promise.

So, this transfer.  It's a little rough with a native Korean speaker... only because of the language barrier.  But Elder 김일수 has a pretty good idea of my language ability and works around it.  He's super nice, super hard-working, and a peacemaker at heart.  I love him - he's already helped me so much with a lot of things, and he did it merely by being a good example.  He's super good

Alright, I hate to send this lame of an email, but the place where we're writing is about to close.... I'm super sorry - I hope you can glean more about my week from the long part about your emails.

I'm doing good, and gaining more understanding of what's actually important.  I've got a desire to be a good missionary, and I know what I have to do next to become the missionary and have the mission I know I can have.

The church is true, don't ever forget that.  The Book of Mormon teaches us so much.  It's been fun rereading some passages and realizing how much I actually missed the last go-around.

I love you all so much, have a good week, and thank you for being so awesome!

-Elder Wedam

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